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Dial-Up Access

    Economy Plan
    Access the Internet for 10 hours each month for $9.95 monthly, plus $1.95 for each additional hour.
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    Standard Plan
    Enjoy unlimited access* to the Internet and 5MB free personal Web space for $19.95 monthly.
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    * Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for the acceptable use policy.

High-Speed Dial-Up and Dedicated Access

    DSL - Digital Subscriber Line:
    We're happy to announce that now offers DSL Internet Service in: Gig Harbor, Washington; San Marcos and Lake Dallas, Texas; La Crosse, Wisconsin; Lorain, Ohio; and Kalispell, Montana! Click here for details.

    56-kbps, ISDN*, or T1 Connections:
    In addition to standard dial-up services, offers high-speed dial-up and dedicated access in many locations.

    With an ISDN Internet account from, an ISDN modem, and an ISDN-capable telephone line (purchased separately from your local phone company), data rates up to four times that of a 28.8-kbps modem can be attained from your home or business.
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    * Pricing for ISDN access does not include ISDN line installation and usage costs.

E-commerce, Custom Web Site Design, & Web Hosting

    E-commerce Services:
    Have a great idea for an online store? Whether you want an easy-to-setup storefront or a full-featured and customized online business site, has the experience and services to help you accomplish your goals. Options include
    • Secure Web space and SSL support for secure order collection
    • Database support (MySQL, Access, Microsoft SQL)
    • Integrate your storefront with your existing Web site or create it as a new Web site
    Click here for pricing. Our e-commerce services are available everywhere, whether you use as your dialup ISP or not. Contact us today for a free, initial quote on your new online store!

    Custom Web site Design & Hosting:
    With several pricing options, we can design your site and get it onto the Web no matter how large or small it is. Options include

    • Domain name registration (
    • E-commerce services as detailed above
    • Database support (MySQL, Access, Microsoft SQL)
    • Custom scripting and programming
    • Full-text site search tool
    • Web statistics and reports
    • Free use of standard formmail and counter CGI scripts

    Click here for pricing. Our commercial Web site design and hosting services are available everywhere, whether you use for your dialup or not. Contact us today for a free, initial quote on your new Web site!

    Personal Web site:
    All Standard Plan dialup customers get 5MB of personal Web space for free. Options include

    • Free use of standard formmail and counter CGI scripts
    • Additional personal Web space at $1 per additional MB
    • Free link in our Community Information section
    Personal Web space is available with dialup accounts only. Give us a call and activate your free Web site today!

Special Offer: Cyber Patrol

Cyber Patrol is an Internet access management utility that helps parents and teachers control children's access to the Internet. Subscribers to can get Cyber Patrol at the discount price of $19.95!

Download Cyber Patrol today for a free 14-day, risk-free trial period. If you like it, purchase a permanent version by calling our service center at 1-877-SURF-CTL within 14 days. The amount can be charged to your credit card or added to your next bill. If you don't like it, uninstall it and owe nothing!

Dial-Up Service Availability

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How to Order

You can sign up for dial-up service online!

To order or inquire about Web hosting, high-speed access, or other service offerings, call our service center toll-free at 1-877-SURF-CTL.

Call Toll-Free: 1-877-SURF-CTL

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